Singer Shanay Shah LIVE @ TIPSY GYPSY on Sunday 19th November 2017 – Newssuperfast

Tipsy Gypsy-All Day Live has opened its doors to Mumbai with a smashing start. Mumbai’s latest Gastropub is all set to transform and support the Live Music Culture and Scene in the city. From musical performances to theme parties, Tipsy Gypsy will be home to all kinds of events and social gatherings. It is a youth-centric venue that challenges its patrons to stop existing and start living and it aims to revolutionize the F&B space starting with Fun Republic, Andheri. It houses India’s first live Boombox Bar. The neon-lit atmosphere adds celebration to the nightlife patrons of the city

On Sunday, 19th November 2017, Mumbai based singer and song writer Shanay Shah will perform along with his band The Shanaynigans. Shanay plays the guitar and the ukulele. He has performed pan India at several cultural, corporate and private events. Some of the venues where he has performed are the Kala Ghoda festival, The Times Big Flea 2016, H&M Store Launch 2016, Suzuki Hayabusa 10th Anniversary at Imagica, 2017 and many more. They are well known to create and perform mashups of International and Bollywood tracks.